• Practical Ways to Improve Your Confidence

      • How self-confident are you?
      • Impact of self-confidence in your life.
      • How to improve your self-confidence?

Self confidence is one of our greatest resourceful state of mind. It is the belief about our own abilities, strength, skills. It’s the reflection of how much you love yourself, how much you respect yourself, how do you talk to yourself. It is the beliefs about an individual’s capabilities to handle the future situations. It allows individuals to have positive and realistic views of themselves and their situation. Self-confidence is directly proportional to the success.
In our society we live in an environment where most of the people even the parents are not trained. As a result, they inadvertently erode our self-confidence, in some cases destroying our self-confidence. Suppose a beloved one in front of you for a while discusses what you have done wrong in life, where you have failed, how much your self-confidence will low! Small pinched comments from lover ones bring down your self-confidence.
95% of people in our society do not believe that they can make a big difference in their life or that they can create something amazing in their life. The whole world will think and act in that way you believe in yourself. Who will believe you if you do not believe in yourself? If you don’t believe in yourself the potential will not develop and if the potential does not develop you will not take action. If you do not take action, success will not come. 
Now I am coming to the point how to increase self confidence.
Knowledge:- Knowledge increases your self-confidence to a great extent. It is never possible for you to have a lot of knowledge about everything. But you need to be knowledgeable enough in your relevant field. Your actual experience and knowledge is more important for building your self-confidence than biblical knowledge. Suppose you have a Master-Degree on history or geography, you have gone for a bank job test, you have mere knowledge of finance or banking. What biblical knowledge you have a Master-Degree will be of any use there! Naturally you will lose your confidence before you enter the interview board. 
Check your association:- We associate with people in society whose self-confidence is very low. Interacts with them, unconsciously we absorb their pattern. This causes us to lose our identity and our confidence to go down. If you want to increase confidence, first disassociate yourself from these associations and at the same time find  partners whose confidence level is very high. Those who always cry about their lives, those who always regret the past, those who have no goals in life, confidence is far away, on the contrary, they will pull you down.
Cut off the invisible thick rope of fear that binds you:- Most people lose sight of their self-confidence by imagining events that they think are negative. Again, some people lose their self-confidence due to imaginary fears of failure. Fear, of course, has relevance and irrelevance. Suppose you don’t know how to swim but go down to the pond, the fear of drowning is relevant to you. Again you get on stage for a performance, you’re afraid of what people will say, if I forget, if I can’t perform properly, these all are your irrelevant fears. You already know that self-confidence is a state of our minds. And the state is created by the combination of psychology and physiology. In this kind of condition where you are having fear, you should be positive in your physiology.  That means raise your head, bring a smile on your face, make your chest wide. I claim that your confidence will be very high in a moment. 
Create self confidence through past results:- If you have ever been successful in the past, you can easily increase your self-confidence and succeed again and again. Follow The technic below.
Keep yourself in quiet, comfortable place. Go into the time when you got success, brighten the total event in your mind, feel how confident you were. Feel the fullness of your body posture, feelings, tone of voice, activity at that time. Your breathing pattern, physiology will change automatically when you feel it completely. This way, when you reach your peak state, create an anchor by pressing on any part of the body. 
Break the state and repeat the procedure again. Press in the same place every time. After repeating a few times, break the state and press on that particular place to see how much confidence you are feeling. Then whenever you feel low confidence for any future task, press your anchor and you will see that your confidence will increase a lot.


Santanu Ghosh

Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Relationship Counselor

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