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why by santanuWhy with me…

After facing major challenges in my life, I found a way how to overcome any challenge easily and live the best life  by awakening the infinite power within, I can achieve amazing goals and reach to the pinnacle of success. As my mindset was changed, so did the situation. With the knowledge, tools and techniques I have acquired over the years I can help you to overcome any struggle in your life and guide you in the right direction to live your best life. I can guide and help you from the initial stage to achieve any success you deserve by changing your mindset by helping you and awakening the infinite power of your mind. I can also help you to set your goals, to creat strategy to achieve them and eliminate any obstacles that come into your way. I can help you to reach the next level of name&fame, success, health, wealth, love and relationship, and happiness from whatever you are in the current situation.

Why Mental Wellness is Important | Good Mental Health and Wellbeing| by Santanu | in bengali

Santanu Ghosh

Mental Wellness Coach

purpose by santanuMy Purpose Of LIfe

My purpose of life is to serve my vision in the best possible way. To turn my vision into reality I will devote my life.

santanu's visionMy Vision

My vision is to help people to overcome their mental barriers and to achieve extraordinary success in every aspect (love, relationship, health, wealth, spirit) of life and find balance in life.  Above all, I want to build such a society, a world where the success of people with good intentions will eradicate the bad intention of people. I want to build a good humanistic world for the next generation.

mission by santanuMy Mission

My mission is to devote myself to serving my vision. My mission is to impact positively the lives of those who want to come in contact with me and interact me every day by awakening their inner strength. It is also to inspire and encourage others to express their own growth and contribution for the world by sharing all my knowledge through videos, articles, books, training programs, online courses, and seminars. My Mission is also to educate people about how to live the life of their dreams with the understanding of the science of Mind. I am commited to spend 10 percent of my earnings for the education of backward children.

Demolish your Obstacles

5 Days Zoom Session

day1 Understanding Of Your Obstacles

In day one you will come to know the source of your obstacles which you are actually facing now and finding the main resource to overcome them. You will find the major obstacle or obstacles you must have to demolish to achieve great success or results in life.

Understanding of How Successful people Demolish Their Obstacles

On the second day you will know about one thing that makes highly successful people so different from ordinary people!, and you will also come to know ‘how does the ultimate successful people overcome their obstacles so easily!’

day3 Empowering Yourself To Overcome Your Obstacles

On day three you will Know how to empower yourself to overcome your Obstacles and will Realise how much potential do you have and how much of it you are using till now.

day4 Realizing Of Your True Potential

On 4th day you will know how to maintain Mental health and mental wellbeing by overcoming fear, phobia, stress, depression, anxiety, sadness, and how to always maintain resourceful state despite of challenges.

day5 Harness The Real Power

You will learn how to harness the real power of your subconscious mind to manifest happiness and prosperity in your life.

You will be guided to design your unique journey of success by eliminating negative thinking and other mental obstacles.

Not just wishing, I will help you fully to have a happy and prosperous life…

Mind set
Goal Setting
Finding Obstacles
Get rid of anxiety,fear,depression
Strataegy Building
How to overcome life challenges
Develop good habbits
+Many More Lessons

Mental Wellness Coach

Santanu Ghosh

an Engineer, NLP practitioner, Mental Wellness Coach, Corporate trainer, Counselor and Motivational Speaker. He is also a Mindset Expert. He enjoys reading, writing, traveling and teaching among other things. He loves helping people develop their mindset, set goals in life and achieve them, or solve life’s problems and live the life they want.

Professionally, he is an expert in finding solutions to human problems that are most needed today. He enjoys coaching individuals and organizations. He trains individuals and organizations on various topics like problem solving, mindset, confidence, productivity, goal setting, stress management etc. He has a friendly, cheerful and caring nature and loves to help people to the best of his ability.

He is an Engineer by education and his experience of over 19 years of coaching, training and running educational institutions as a Director helps him to develop his business and social skills. He is a certified Mental Wellness coach, certified career strategist, Certified counselor & Corporate Trainer, NLP practitioner.

He is definitely a cutie baby’s father and he loves his family. He believes in the holistic development of a person and he helps people become the best version of themselves! 

santanu ghosh

My Training and Coaching Modulesmy-training-moduls


Mental Wellness Mastery

With my Mental Wellness mastery System, I help people to overcome their mental obstacles, and lead them to the way of life they love to live, by maintaining mental health and mental wellbeing without any medication with the help of NLP, the powerful science of mind.



Through my counseling sessions I help individual to get rid of challenges in life like fear, phobia, depression, anxiety, stress, sadness without using any kind of Medication. Thiss sessions also help people to build a high self-image and higher levels of confidence.

Coaching Session

I conduct Coaching sessions both online and offline. These coaching sessions are helping coachees to get miraculous results in their lives. Through these Coaching sessions I guide my coachees to develop their dream life by holding their hands and help them to achieve next level of success in health, wealth, love, relationships and lead to the zone of happiness and prosperity.

Corporate Training Program

The productivity and profitability of any corporate sector and companies is directly proportional to the employees’ performance. Employees are the main resources of companies and corporate. My training module for corporate help to empower the employees to be more productive and focused on their job responsibilities.

Best words…..

Just as a ship does not sink unless the waves of the sea rushed into it. Similarly you will never sink if you do not entertain to negative thoughts in the mind.

Santanu Ghosh

Mental Wellness Coach

warm welcome by CRPF
warm welcome by CRPF


It was amazing, I never expected to get so much what actually I got from these session…
I met more than 100 of coaches but you are amazing, you are great…
You are angle for me…