Focus means where your concentration is
Focus means where your concentration is. Our energy flows wherever our focus is. If your focus is on the goal then your problem will disappear, and if your focus is on the problem then the goal will disappear. 
The very importent thing we need to do to be successful is to stay focused on our goals. In today’s world of electronics-gadgets, T.V, social media our minds are easily diverted from one thing to another. Our minds lose their balance in the glare of tempting advertisements.  We can’t focus on a specific goal. Thus, one of the bad habits of our human race is to focus more on our environment or our own problems. This results in our goal being lost or blurred in front of us. Most of the time we spend thinking that if once this current problem in our lives is gone I will be successful and my life will change. But infact the exact opposite happens. What we focus on, our mind considers its importancy to us. And the job of the mind is to give a clarity of what we think is important to us, leaving the rest or blurring out in front of us. The narrower our focus, the better the results. 
You can do a test yourself right now. Suppose you are away from your loved one at the moment and unable to see then focus your whole attention on your loved one, think about him or her in your mind.  See, his or her, clear image will appear in front of you even though he or she is behind your eyes. There are many things in front of your eyes but the moment you focus your attention on someone, everything in front of your eyes disappears.
We all know that if we focus we can get very good results, we will succeed. But we do not know how to focus. Parents, or the teachers, said again and again to the children to concentrate or focus on their study. Now if that child asks, okay I’ll focus, but how?  Tell me the method. Think, do you have the answer to this simple but very important question of the child’s mind?  
Let’s try to find the answer to this important question.
  • Goal setting:- Set your goal firmly, following the right procedure. If you want you can follow the ‘MASTERY’ rules. Or if you have already set a goal, meditate on it, make it your constant companion, always remind yourself of your goal. You can use different methods for this, such as doing visualization in the morning, doing affirmation. Make sure you have a set time for your goals in your daily routine, even in the midst of your hundreds of engagements. 

  • Remove any ‘either or’ options of your goal:- Never keep the second option of your goal in life. Suppose someone says ‘I will study engineering if I don’t get a chance in medical in entrance exam’. That’s what we do most of the time and that’s why we get distracted.  Your focus is bound to be diverted when you have the second option. 
  • Giving an example about this will help you to understand. Suppose you want go to a certain place, the way is unknown to you, you started the journey. Whenever there is a turn in the path, that is, the path splits in two or three, you may get confused, you will think of taking the easy straight path, even you may go astray. If there was only one path towards your goal, there would be no possibility of confusion or forgetting the path. No matter how inaccessible that path was, you would continue on that path. So blow up any such option like ‘If it is not, I will do that’.
  • Brake your journey to small chunks:- Most people lose their focus in the hope of achieving all the success together. It feels like a burden to push huge goals together in our minds.That is when the thought comes that it’s not possible to achieve. So no matter how big the goal is, divide the way to get there into smaller chunks, focus on that. Just as small successes will lead you to goals, your attention and focus will increase a lot.

  • Change submodalities of your goal:- I have said before that our minds are more focused on what it think is important. Consciously we all know what is important and what is not, but unconscious mind does not know. Our unconscious mind will feel important only when the sub-modalities of a thing will be very good. This means that the size of the picture in our mind will be bigger,  colorful, life-size, three-dimensional, closer, the sound will be better and there will be feelings.

So build submodalities of your goal in mind so that it becomes most important to your subconscious mind. This means create the image of your goal in your mind large in size, colorful, three-dimensional, add feelings, make it movie, keep it closer, add some music.

  • Make your goal interesting to yourself:- Interest in goal will only increase when you visualize the benefits that can bring happiness to your life. There are two things to look at, firstly, how much you will enjoy  in the process of achieving the goal, secondly, how much enjoy you will have in life after achieving the goal, what changes will come, how beautiful life will be. Many people lose focus because they don’t make the process enjoyable and funny.


Santanu Ghosh

Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Relationship Counselor

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