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santanu Ghosh, Mental wellness coach, subconscious mastery coach, Best counselor and mentor, founder director of 'institute of mental wellness' dedicatedly serving for the people Those who are suffering from various challenges in life & Helping them live the life of their dreams

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Why I Am...

My Vision

My vision is to help people to overcome their mental barriers and to achieve extraordinary success in every aspect (love, relationship, health, wealth, spirit) of life and find balance in life. Above all, I want to build such a society, a world where the success of people with good intentions will eradicate the bad intention of people. I want to build a good humanistic world for the next generation.

My Mission

My mission is to devote myself to serving my vision. My mission is to impact positively the lives of those who want to come in contact with me and interact me every day by awakening their inner strength. It is also to inspire and encourage others to express their own growth and contribution for the world by sharing all my knowledge through videos, articles, books, training programs, online courses, and seminars. My Mission is also to educate people about how to live the life of their dreams with the understanding of the science of Mind. I am committed to spend 10 % of my earnings for the education of backward children.

My Purpose

My purpose of life is to serve my vision in the best possible way. To turn my vision into reality I will devote my life.

About Us

Welcome to this wonderful and outstanding resource for reliable, compassionate, and up-to-date information on the Program your Mind for ultimate Success. Awaken the infinite power of your mind and start the journey of your life towards the Success you want, topics that matter most to you.

I am dedicated to empowering you with the best answers to your most pressing mind programming with the help of N L P.

For the last few years, I’ve worked hard to create and refine my curated library of comprehensive and trustworthy information.

I am convinced that my videos, article, training, coaching will bring unprecedented changes in your life and increase confidence which will help you to take your life to the next level and you will start living the life you deserve.

Read more >I, Santanu Ghosh, The ‘Mental Wellness Coach & Subconscious Mastery Coach ’ was struggling with different kinds of challenges in my life and career. With the help of powerful science of mind I have transformed my life and also helped thousands of people to change their lives.   I carry a rich working experience more than 17 years in Education and Coaching sector and have served as a Director of an educational Institution. Right since my childhood I was passionate about the science of mind, and I found it. After learning and gaining experience practically I realised that I must explain and help others so that they can demolish their challenges and Obstacles and find the way to lead the life in full of success, happiness and prosperity. After facing major challenges in my life, I found a way how to overcome any challenge easily and live the best life  by awakening the infinite power within, I can achieve amazing goals and reach to the pinnacle of success. As my mindset was changed, so did the situation. With the knowledge, tools and techniques I have acquired over the years I can help you to overcome any struggle in your life and guide you in the right direction to live your best life. I can guide and help you from the initial stage to achieve any success you deserve by changing your mindset by helping you and awakening the infinite power of your mind. I can also help you to set your goals, to create strategy to achieve them and eliminate any obstacles that come into your way. I can help you to reach the next level of name & fame, success, health, wealth, love and relationship, and happiness from whatever you are in the current situation.

santanu ghosh

mental wellness coach

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Core Value...

At Mental Wellness Coaching & Institute of Mental Wellness, we believe that every adversity presents an opportunity for growth and transformation. We are committed to guiding individuals on their journey from adversity to life success, helping them achieve optimal health, abundant wealth, fulfilling relationships, and lasting happiness. Through our holistic approach to mental wellness, we empower individuals to overcome challenges, unlock their full potential, and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

mental wellness can lead to drastic changes in all areas of life...

Mastering mental wellness can lead to drastic changes in all areas of life, including health, wealth, success, love, relationships, and happiness. When individuals prioritize mental wellness, they often experience profound transformations that positively impact every aspect of their lives:

  1. Health: Mental wellness mastery can lead to improved physical health. Stress reduction, better sleep, and healthier lifestyle choices often follow from a balanced mental state, leading to a stronger immune system and lower risk of chronic diseases.
  2. Wealth: Mental wellness is closely linked to financial well-being. Clarity of mind, better decision-making, and increased resilience to setbacks can lead to improved financial management, increased productivity, and enhanced career opportunities.
  3. Success: Mental wellness mastery can unlock one's full potential and drive for success. Improved focus, motivation, and self-confidence can lead to setting and achieving ambitious goals in both personal and professional life.
  4. Love and Relationships: Mental wellness fosters healthier relationships. Increased empathy, communication skills, and emotional intelligence can lead to deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships with others.
  5. Happiness: Mental wellness is fundamental to experiencing true happiness and fulfillment. By cultivating a positive mindset, managing emotions effectively, and finding purpose and meaning in life, individuals can experience greater overall happiness and well-being.

In essence, mastering mental wellness is transformative, enabling individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives and to navigate life's challenges with resilience and optimism.