First of all, let me ask you a question, why do you want to control your mind? Surely your mind is disobedient to you, sometimes flying wherever it pleases, going out of your control. Most of the time, negative thoughts run through your mind instead of positive one, sometimes you feel very bored, you can’t pay attention to your own work, you forget your important work.
The good news for you is that more than ninety percent of the people of the world have no control over their own minds. And more good news is that about 10% of the people who have been able to control their minds have all had tremendous success in their own field. The most good news is, science says you can have great success if you take control of your mind, your thinking. Bringing this control is not a difficult task.
Our minds are as busy all the time as the ocean.  Here, too, there are always ups and downs in life just like the waves of the ocean, the tide of thought is always flowing. There is not the slightest abnormality in this. Our mind is always preoccupied with one thought or another, sometimes it picks up the old memories and thinks about them, sometimes it forms imaginary images of the future. 
Now the question is, is your mind thinking any realistic thought?  Any constructive thoughts coming to mind?  Are you thinking of something relevant to meet your goals? If the answer of all these questions are ‘no’, then your mind must be brought under control. Otherwise it will control you, will become destructive, will be more attracted to unrealistic things, will be engaged in irrelevant work.
You can never stop this preoccupation of the mind. But you can only consciously take your thoughts in a positive direction. One important thing we need to understand in this context is that we think in our Conscious Mind and habitual thinking takes place deep in our minds( subconscious mind). And once a thought takes over our subconscious mind, whether it is good or bad, the subconscious mind will produce a reflection in front of us as a result.
Now I am coming to the point how can we take control of our mind.
(1) Meditation:- It is never possible to build a house during an earthquake or a natural disaster. This is possible only when everything calms down and stops. Just like that, you can’t think constructively as long as your mind is in turmoil. So at first you have to calm your mind and the only way of it is the meditation. Start meditating, slowly your mind will start calming down, you can’t control it at first, a lot of weird thoughts will come and disturb. There is nothing to think about. Keep doing it regularly. Very soon the control of your mind will be in your hands.
(2) Indentify the thoughts disturbing you:- In order to control the mind, you have to be an observer of your own mind. Continue observe, what thoughts are coming and when, what is the source of it? If you observe well, you will see that your mind tells you the good and the bad, whether there is any reality behind your thoughts. It may be that your mind is thinking to warn you about something. You will find the real clue only when you observe from a distance and it will help you to shift from negetive state to positive resourceful state. It will be clearer for you to explain with an example.
Suppose you are in a traffic jam, you will feel annoyed, your mind will become restless and you will get angry, because you are associated with the situation. Now suppose you are observing a traffic jam from a high place. What will be your feelings then?  Then you will say, “Wow, what a wonderful sight. You might even upload pictures on your mobile phone.” The point of view is totally changed because you are now a distance observer.
(3) Give the mind good food:- If you don’t give your body good, pure food, your chances of getting diarrhea are almost 100%. In the same way always give good food to the mind very consciously i.e. have good thoughts. There is no existence of future or past in this world.  Then why will you pollute your mind by awakening those thoughts. And if you have to think, bring to mind the good events of the past.  Think of a bright future, dream. Look at the good side without looking at the bad side in the background of any event. Talk to yourself in a positive way.  Be grateful, be grateful to this Universe for giving you everything.


Santanu Ghosh

Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Relationship Counselor

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