This wonderful article will help you to recognize and understand any person. Even this article will help you to understand fully what is going on in the mind of the person you are talking to. 
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One of the big successes is acquiring the ability to understand the person you are talking to or spending time with, the person you are going to do business with, the person you are going to fall in love with, or the person you are going to marry. The way to success is to deal with different types of people and build relationships with them. If you understand a person in the right way, the path of your life will become much easier. 
In most cases, there is a lot of cheating for a small reason and that can lead to a lot of big adversities in our lives. Sometimes it is not possible to understand a person properly even after spending hours or years with him/her. 
Usually, when a person first meets with another person on either side, he/ she tries to highlight all the good aspects of himself/herself, trying to prove himself/herself as an honest and a good person. Very consciously the person avoids all his/her faults, not to mention his/her own bad habits. In that case, it is often impossible to understand the real nature of a person even after the first sighting or meeting several times. In particular, the wicked always make a conscious effort to hide until their true purpose is fulfilled. When the purpose is fulfilled or when he sees that his purpose is not to be fulfilled in any way he assumes his original form, and the behavior changes completely. And as a result, you may face a lot of losses. 
In most cases, one person decides on another depending on the language (verbal and body) of his or her level of surface structure. But never try to find out the deep structure or the underlying mystery. 
Like a watermelon on the inside and another on the outside, I am sharing with you some great ways to make understand easily all these people like watermelon, one on the inside and another on the outside. 
How to understand people easily? 
  • Be a good listener:  You will have to be a good listener to understand others.  You have to listen very carefully to the person in front of you. Observe very well what he is emphasizing, and what he is discussing more. Keep the whole focus on as long as the person is talking. If you listen to someone with the genuine interest you will understand him/her a lot. 
To make yourself conspicuous by talking too much, never put your weaknesses in the hands of the person in front of you. If the person has bad intentions he/she can use your weakness as a weapon, and can also blackmail you emotionally
  • Be a good observer: As well as being a good listener, you need to be a good observer. if you observe these very carefully the eye movement, body language, gestures, and posture of the person who is talking to you, you will understand a lot, what exactly the person really wants. Remember that a person uses almost 56% of physiology to communicate with another person, so if you can read physiology well, it will not be a difficult task to understand a person. 

  • Don’t assume in advance: Never assume anything about someone before meeting. Because whenever you guess your subconscious mind will create an image of the person and your mind will continue to divert you in that direction while talking to the person. Looking at clothes, watching some attitudes, or talking a little bit, we preconceive many notions about any person, which makes it difficult for us to understand a person correctly. 

  • Not accepting empathy and not being sympathetic: Being empathetic is one of the assets of human life but this empathy can be dangerous at times. At the same time, expecting and accepting the sympathy of others can thresh you to a disadvantage. 
Many people resort to various forms of acting to gain sympathy. If you become sympathetic to someone in the first place, they may take advantage of your weakness before you really understand the person, so be very careful in this matter. 
We also need to get rid of the tendency to get sympathy from others. If you don’t, you’ll lose a lot in life. You never know when a sympathetic person will kick your ass and out. You will find a lot of time to be sympathetic or empathetic, first get along well with the person, and try to understand his mentality. If you observe a person carefully and listen to his words attentively, you will know whether the person is in danger at all and you will be able to take a decision accordingly.
  • Use the “Meta-Model” when discussing: Meta model is a very powerful model of Neuro Linguistics Programming.  It is a set of heuristic questions, designed to define, challenge, and expand the boundaries of a person’s underlying world. 

People are disconnected from the deep meaning of any information as a result of distortion, generalization, and deletion. In fact, the mystery of what is hidden deep inside the human mind can be easily solved by the proper use of the Meta model and help to understand people. 
Without bothering the person in front of you, you can easily find out the inner secret of the human mind through some very simple and intelligent questions. Suppose someone tells you in a discussion that no one loves him/her. If you immediately ask him, Really?  no one?  Immediately its structure will change a bit, and in answer to this question, he can say that most of the nearest do not love. Again ask him, who doesn’t love him?  Then maybe he will talk about some relatives or others. From where the person first said no one loves him, only the names of a few particular person will come up. 
I have just given an example. In all cases, this way the meta-model can be used to find out what lies in the deep structure of any human being.


Santanu Ghosh

Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Relationship Counselor

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