Are you anxious to succeed in life? Looking for a way to reach the right goal in life? Repeatedly facing obstacles, and wondering if you can ever reach the dream life? Sometimes you doubt yourself with the strategy? Or do you think that even after continuing hard work, you cannot succeed in that way? Why do all your efforts fail again and again? 

This article will help you to find a bridge through which you can easily succeed. Not only this, with the help of this article you will find everything you need to know to build this bridge and also guide on how to build it. If you can build this bridge once in the right way then your success is inevitable. 
As we know that a bridge is a structure built to span a road for avoiding any physical obstacles without blocking the way or flow underneath. You will have to face many obstacles, many challenges as you move towards your destination to be successful. After a while, you will see that you may not find the way. People usually lose focus and self-confidence in such situations. In the end, the person generally gives up hope and chose the path of a very simple life. 
Just as a bridge connects a road to avoid any physical obstacle, so you need a bridge between where you are now in life and where you want to reach, so that you can easily reach the goal without having to bow down.
There are two important things you need to know to build this bridge. The first is to know exactly where you are now, that is, your present state. And the second is to have a clear idea of ​​where you want to be, that is, what your desired state is. The bridge I am talking about, which will successfully enreach you to your goal, requires crystal-clear clarity in the above two aspects to build it. Otherwise, you will lose mental strength, do not feel inspired. In that case, even if a bridge exists, it will not be of any use. 
Once your present state and desired state are clear to you, you need to build the bridge, ie the strategy, to fill the gap in the middle. The right strategy is the bridge that will take you from your current position to your goal. Many people know their current position and where to go, but they do not brainstorm to build a strategy. So after going a certain distance they see everything dark and lost their way. 
Let us now seriously try to understand what are the pillars required for the construction of this bridge and how it can be constructed. 
Responsibility: The first and foremost important pillar to build this bridge is ‘responsibility‘. But the question is who will take this responsibility? You will have to take this responsibility and no one else. Only if you can take responsibility then your bridge will be strong. Take responsibility for yourself without blaming anyone for anything, not even on fate, no one in this world knows you better than you. Your environment, situation, mentality, and dreams can never be as clear to others as you are to yourself. So give up hope that someone will help you, that someone else will take the responsibility for something. 
Beliefs: Check yourself over and over again to see how confident you are in reaching your goals. Introspect if there are any obstacles hidden in your mind and if any, remove them immediately, otherwise, you will make a mistake in the first step. If there seems to be a real reason behind this obstacle and they are in no way solvable for you, then I would say you have set the wrong goal, you have not followed the “MASTERY” Rules for goal setting.
If you have doubts in your mind, if you get into emotional turmoil then you will never be successful even if you have everything available. 
Think of success without indulging in failure to strengthen the pillar of belief. Plant this ingrained idea in your brain that you will succeed. 
Remind yourself again and again that you have a lot of good qualities, a lot of abilities, and a lot of intelligence hidden in you. It is enough to awaken these resources to increase self-confidence

Feedback: It is very important to take feedback for building strategies. If you do not take feedback on how you have reached where you are now and what were not the right decisions in life, the same mistake can be repeated, and in that case, the bridge will be shaky. Take feedback from yourself and do it more regularly, then you will know if you are moving in the right direction and how far you have moved forward.
Observation: Very good observers tend to be much more creative. If you are not a good observer you will not give proper feedback to you, because unless you keep an eye on the situation you will not understand what is going on. Actual feedback and observation influence each other, depending on each other. Observation skills help you to determine right and wrong and provide a powerful way to understand and navigate daily. Observation skills will help you to understand your world and to act accordingly, to work, behave and bring balance to work. 
Persistence: This is the 5th pillar I have repeatedly focused on building the bridge to success, the only reason is that there is no other alternative. Persistence is the outstanding quality of perseverance in spite of all obstacles, hindrances, and discouragement. The bridge is built to overcome obstacles and hazards, but the pillars are responsible for carrying the load of that bridge. This pillar ensures the bond of the bridge by withstanding the storm, do not allow the bridge to be lowered in any way. Persistence also plays the same role, it can keep you steady in the midst of thousands of storms if you have this one quality in you.
We have come near to the end of our success bridge building, once the last pillar is built, the work of our bridge will be completed. The last pillar is flexibility.
Flexibility: This is the ability to be easily modified to respond to alter circumstances. You know that steel has more flexibility than rubber because steel has more ability to bend easily without breaking. 
You also have to have flexibility like steel, so that your thoughts-process is very strong but you can adjust yourself in all kinds of situations. The more flexible you are, the more likely you are to respond in time to potential internal and external changes will a cost-effective manner. 


Santanu Ghosh

Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Relationship Counselor

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