Table of Contents
    • What is fear.
    • Effects of fear.
    • ‘The fears’ human beings are suffering from.
    • How to overcome fear.

'Fear' the biggest enemy of human life
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Fear and it’s effects:-

If someone ask me which is the biggest enemy of human life, without confusion my answer will be ‘Fear’. Fear is an unresourceful state of mind that eats away at it from within. Every human being is more or less a victim of the attack of this subtle and secret enemy. In many cases its invisible attacks and deceptions make our lives miserable. Fear increases anxiety, makes a person worry
Fear is actually an intense unpleasant emotion. This emotion stimulates our body and causes our physiological changes. Fear is judged as rational and irrational. Rational fear is very important for us, of course, but I will discuss the irrational fear which we regard as phobia. The root cause of this fear is doubt, doubt on the ability of oneself. 
Fear alone is enough to low your self-esteem, to erode confidence, to impede perseverance, no longer need an external enemy. Fear of something is the main reason for your cowardice, inability to make decisions, procrastination, discouragement, apathy and loss of desire. Statistics shows that all sectors such as business, politics, cinema, sports, or whatever, have successfully reached the peak of those who have overcome their fears.
‘The fears’ human beings are suffering from:-  There are some basic fears on which or some combination with which every human suffers one or another time.
  • The fear of failure:- This fear starts when a child first learns to walk. Although the child does not have the slightest trace of this fear in his mind, the seeds are sowed by his parents and relatives. Many meritorious students cannot pass the interview for fear of failure and live a life of unemployment.  We cannot set big goals in life for fear of failure.
  • The fear of poverty:- We are living in an age of economic madness. In this age, money brings honor, brings success, name and fame. The rich have become the most powerful, they are beyond the law, the richest people in politics, the economic control is in their hands. Now love(showing) is being sold in the open market. Even people in your family cannot easily accept you unless you have the financial support to do for them. Naturally, it is not surprising that mankind fears poverty. Fear of poverty makes people mentally and physically lazy, weak. The black cloud of negative thoughts swallows up which leads to various bad habits, loss of control over oneself, formation of skepticism, onset of procrastination.
    Fear of death has turned many people's lives into hell

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  • The fear of death:- These unknown ghosts of fear take the lives of millions of people every year. The COVID-19 situation showed us the severity of this ghost. Fear of death has turned many people’s lives into hell. If death engulfs, millions of people are getting sick every day for fear of this. A number of unscrupulous businessmen, politicians and the media are constantly trying to instill this fear in our minds.  Insurance or Mediclaim’s businesses are booming, keeping awake this fear within us.
  • Fear of criticism:- The scourge of criticism is not easy to heal, it can last lifetime. Almost everyone is afraid of criticism, and knowingly tries to use this weapon on one another. Even parents do their children irreparable injury by criticising them. People are so brassy with the fear of Criticism that they don’t hesitate to throw away their loved. Most people think of criticism as a stepping stone to success, so they try to use it whenever they get the chance. The misconception of the human race is that if one is not being dragged down, one cannot rise to the top. The easiest and most appropriate way to pull someone down is to hurt them emotionally, and that can be done very easily through criticism. This is so easy and enjoyable that without any cricketing knowledge or qualifications, while chatting, kissing over a cup of tea sat to criticize the great cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. 
  • The fear of loss of love:- This fear is most painful out of others. For ages this fear has been crippling the human race, especially the male society. Symptoms of this fear are feeling jealousy, getting angry at something, blaming others.


How to over come fear:-
Identify fear and its causes.  Overcoming fear is one of your challenges so identify it first.  For which you are afraid of? Why are  you getting fear?  Find out when you have this fear, ask yourself, check if there is a valid reason for your fear. Build confidence in your own ability, in your own knowledge. Keep yourself busy in relevant works. Your mind always wants to be busy. If you don’t keep him busy with good things, he will lead you to bad things.
Always refrain from criticism, slander, gossip.  Stop listening, watching, and discussing negative news altogether. They will programme your mind negatively and causes fear. Don’t hang out with people who are depressed and anxious, instead, associates with people who have a positive mind set. Read the story of a successful personality, excluding listening, watching or reading, stories of failure or sadness.
Meditate to keep your mind calm and healthy and at the same time keep your body healthy.  
Every fear that I have mentioned is unrealistic, the origin of this fear from your blind faith, past experience or thinking about the future. It has no real existence except your mind. Your thoughts carry some unrealistic imagination in your brain  and your mind nurture them, so change your thought-process.
Think about what you are serving or are going to serve others anyway, what you are contributing or will do. Think , everything is for you, all opportunities are available for you when you serve and contribute yourself properly.
‘Don’t run the race, run with the grace.’


Santanu Ghosh

Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Relationship Counselor

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