• What is the meaning of ‘Struggle’?
      • What causes struggle in life?
      • What are some struggles in life?
      • How do you overcome struggles in your life?
Another meaning of struggle is to be engaged in fight

The word ‘struggle’ can be interpreted in two ways. One is, “an energetic attempt to achieve something” which means to experience difficulty and make a very great effort in order to do something or achieve something. Another meaning of struggle is to be engaged in a fight which is  “to use a lot of effort to defeat someone or prevent something”. What do you mean by the word ‘struggle’! If you take the second explanation then you are really fighting with life, and you have been conditioned to believe that “life is a struggle”. That means you programmed your mind with some negative thoughts and beliefs. 
When your thoughts and beliefs hold on to negativity, winning the battle of life is a long way off, you will never have the courage to fight. The ghosts of fear will dance in your head. You will live the life of this nature “I am alive without dying”. If you perceive the second interpretation of the struggle of life and apply it in life, then the meaning of life will change. Happiness will come back to life, and you will be able to live life successfully by raising your head. 
In fact, there is a struggle in every human life, of course, it is better not to confuse struggle and war. If you look closely at the biography of every successful person, you will understand that everyone has struggled at some point in their lives. People who have faced challenges in life, who have been able to be optimistic and resilient in the face of life’s trials and adversities, are sure to have success in life. 
In which areas of life do we have to struggle most and why:-
  • Financial challenge:- More than 90 percent of people struggle almost all their lives financially, trapped by the economic fences. There are several important reasons for this. Firstly, is a lack of financial education in our traditional education system. Secondly, the misconception that “money is the root of all evil.” The lessons we learn about finance from our society, our environment, and our families, extend far into our lives, and it frightens us about finance and financial infrastructure.
The financial struggle is much bigger challenge than the other challenges in life. Falling into this problem, many people end their lives. We need to know a lot about financial struggles because this challenge influences the rest and also helps to overcome again. I will discuss this in details in my next article. 
  • Health challenge:- Sometimes this happens when the body no longer wants to accompany. Especially when traumatized, and emotionally broken, the body begins to deteriorate immediately. Besides, in the busiest life, how many persons take care of the body! There are irregularities in eating and drinking. 
  • Love issues:- This is one of the most important issues. I will place it after the financial challenge. Love can change a person’s life completely, it plays a vital role in making a successful person to an unsuccessful and unsuccessful person to successful. Love is a wonderful stimulant for our minds. When a person experiences this crisis, slowly his body, his mind starts to break down, his willing power starts to wane, disgust grows towards everything, and anger increases immensely. Many times people lose complete control over themselves by focusing on this issue, making people mentally crippled. 
  • Relationship challenges:- Although it has a lot in common with love issues, it is not so effective. Many people struggle year after year with relationships. When a relationship breaks down, it directly affects our minds, sometimes it can cause anger, and sometimes it can cause sadness. 
  • Career development challenge:- Most young people, even middle-aged, are constantly engaged in this struggle of life, not getting a suitable job, not having the necessary funds for business or not having a suitable environment, not getting a proper salary in a job or not getting a promotion, etc., etc. In particular, the COVID-19 situation has pointed out to us how this problem can wreak havoc on the lives of millions of people. 
There are also many small challenges in life, some of which we keep in the stage of struggle, but if we can overcome those five challenges, the rest are not very important. Let’s find way out of this struggle of life. 
The path to liberation from the struggle of life:- 
Mental preparation:- Morale is far more important than our physical ability to win any struggle. The root cause of our defeat in each of the life struggles I have mentioned is mental defeat. Coal is converted to diamonds by withstanding extreme pressure and heat. The challenge in life is to build us in a new way, correct our mistakes, and move forward on the path of victory. Believe it or not, we have the solution to every problem that exists in this Universe, we need to find it and it requires a healthy mind so program your mind. 

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The more you awaken your inner willpower, the smaller the problems will become and the more they will disappear. Each of us needs to give importance to our own mind and development and give time so that all the conflicts of our own minds are removed. The struggle of life will end on the day you end the war with your mind. 
Face any challenge directly

Do not run away from the struggle:- Face any challenge directly, if you do not face it, the struggle of life will continue, and the ‘problem’ will find you out. The cowards thought the rope lying on the road was a snake and ran away in fear, don’t put yourself in that category. Don’t die before your death, conquer the fear. Your victory is hidden before the fear. 
Become self-reliant:- Prepare yourself to walk on the path without relying on others. You have to struggle for your life and you will not find anyone by your side. Whenever we face a challenge, we hope to get help from others. We hope to get financial support, to get love, or to get mental support. In fact, the opposite is true: when you have in struggle, everyone starts to move away from you, avoiding you because they are afraid if you ask for help. This behavior of friends, relatives, or acquaintances during your hard times will demotivate you more. Some may be reluctant to lend a helping hand but it will bring more disaster in your life that will make you more dependent. 
Plan for the future:- Make definite plans for each and every aspect of your journey in life, be it your financial infrastructure or relationship, or health. Make specific plans for everything and work yourself in that direction, put in the effort. You may not get the result immediately but if you continue to take proper action you will not have to face new struggles in the future. Get yourself out of the hard shell of the past and think far-reaching thoughts. Sometimes a plan may fail, but failure is not the end of life, it is the beginning of a new path, a new journey. Your specific planning and persistence can ensure the success of that journey.
Final thoughts:-
The struggle of life is to develop oneself in a hostile environment and to get proper training. Commitment to fulfill dreams increases our self-awareness and builds our self-confidence making us much more struggling. The struggle in our lives comes not to overwhelm us but to fly with wings, preparing us to ascend and helping us learn to fly gracefully.


Santanu Ghosh

Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Relationship Counselor

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