August 23, 2022

How to overcome social anxiety disorder

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Are you afraid to mingle with people? Afraid to talk to strangers? Do you always try to avoid social events or feel uncomfortable attending any social events? Tremble thinking of public speaking or going on stage performance? Don’t want to go out in public? If you have all these symptoms then you are definitely suffering from a social anxiety disorder. 

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Social anxiety disorder

What causes social anxiety

Why are people suffering from social anxiety

Social anxiety symptoms

How to overcome social anxiety.

Although according to experts there is no medicine to overcome this disorder other than changing the mental state but there is nothing to worry about because this social anxiety disorder can be overcome very easily and I will try to help you to do that completely through this article. 
A person may be anxious sometimes and that is natural but if a person becomes anxious all the time or just thinking about a certain situation then it is definitely a disorder. Feelings of shame or discomfort in the face of various situations are not symptoms of social anxiety disorder, and even some fears are realistic and very normal. Some people are naturally and instinctively reserved and others are more outgoing. Feeling that I am inappropriate to socialize with others or that I will suffer from an inferiority complex if I socialize with others are both included in social anxiety disorder. 
Unreasonable and irrelevant thoughts instill fear in people’s minds, and from there anxiety arises. There are many people who tend to overthink things for little reason, especially those with a social anxiety disorder who have almost no reality in their worries. Social anxiety is caused for worry about speaking in public, mixing with people, and attending social events that may lead to negative reactions, hurt self-esteem, be laughed at, or be not accepted by others. The main source of this disorder is in our minds, so medicine has no role in eradicating it from its roots.

Why are people suffering from social anxiety:

There can be many reasons why people suffer from social anxiety but here I have discussed the main causes of social anxiety. 
1) Social anxiety is caused by previous bad experiences, fear of failure, self-doubt, lack of self-confidence, etc.
2) Mental and emotional disorders, and worries are the causes of not only social anxiety but any such disorder. 
3) The disorder can be triggered by negative thoughts, irrational fears, and anger.
4) Social anxiety disorder can start in childhood especially in adolescence due to excessive discipline by parents, not allowing them to socialize with other teenagers, not allowing them to go out of the house, etc.
5) Feeling of lack of social skills deficit. 
6) Low dopamine system activity.
7) Greater amygdala activation. 
8) Rejection by parents and family members again and again.

Symptoms of social anxiety disorder:

We will try to understand the symptoms of social anxiety disorder by dividing them into three parts.

Social symptoms:

1) Avoiding crowds and strangers.  
2) Tendency to keep self at home.
3) Avoiding social events or parties.
4) Tendency to hide self from relatives or strangers when they come home.
5) Feeling uncomfortable and shy when seen by people.

Emotional and behavioral symptoms:

1) Unnecessary fear.  
2) Unreasonable anxiety.  
3) Gradually increasing the anger.  
4) Just hearing about going out of the house will make sweating, will have to urinate repeatedly.
5) Trying to hide self in any situation.
6) Wanting to stay alone.  
7) Sometimes may feel like the mind is blank, forgetting everything.  
8) Feeling irritating.
9) Making excuses for different things.

Physical symptoms:

1) Always talk with eyes down/avoid direct eye contact with others.  
2) Excessive sweating at the sight of strangers.  
3) Increased heart beating. Increased breathing rate.  
4) Dizziness and sometimes headache.
5) Tremors are expected at the thought of being in public or meeting strangers.  
6) Always shy.  
7) Keeping the neck and head tilted.

How to overcome social anxiety fast:

Social anxiety disorder has a huge negative impact on your friendships, career, relationships, and success. So it is almost impossible to live a normal and meaningful life without getting out of the trap of this disorder. Now let’s know how to get rid of this disorder.

Don’t judge yourself by the eyes of others:

What people may say, what kind of criticism they may make, whether you look better than others, whether you have more intelligence than others, others may not accept you, and such thoughts of being inferior in your own eyes should be removed from your mind. 
Always keep one thing in mind you are unique in this world, there is no other person who exactly looks like you, or has the same personality and character. Everyone has a uniqueness, you are not exceptional. Be confident in your abilities and yourself, then you will never feel inferior in front of others and can easily blend in with everyone. If you talk to a thousand people, a thousand people see you, then everyone’s opinion about you will be different, everyone’s judgment will be different, can you be good in everyone’s eyes? Never possible! So ignore them. 
Everyone’s thoughts are their own, and influencing them creates feelings of guilt, and spreads unnecessary fear, which can exacerbate social anxiety disorder. 

Prepare mentally: 

The best way to protect yourself from a social anxiety disorder is to be mentally prepared. Mental weakness is the source of any anxiety disorder. People become mentally weak by repeatedly talking to themselves about various issues and thinking negatively. The key to preparing mentally to become mentally strong is to break down your weak believing pattern. Our minds are always busy trying to validate/execute our beliefs.
To Break your belief system, first of all, explore the situation that triggers your social anxiety, the exact moment when your anxiety starts. It may be worried about others’ judging, maybe before joining a party, by seeing a stranger or thinking about speaking in front of people, whatever it is, identify it well. This trigger situation reactivates our activities, beliefs, and assumptions and creates anxiety, causing our minds to perceive the situation as threatening. And whenever the mind perceives something as dangerous or problematic, it tries to avoid it. A variety of imaginary negative thoughts that go on in the head generate negative feelings that manifest in body language. 
Once the trigger situation of social anxiety is clear, then you have to find your core beliefs about this, such as self-image, intelligence, beliefs about society, other people, family, or any types of negative experiences you have. Based on these your mind distorts and generalizes and assumes any event, leading to increased social anxiety. 
So to overcome your social anxiety you need to break this belief pattern, and to do that follow these three steps.
First, you have to question yourself and ask yourself why you are assuming what you are assuming. Is there any reality to what you think? What happens if you do the thing that makes you afraid or anxious? Whenever you ask your mind such questions, the belief in your mind will start to break.
Secondly, First, consciously face several times directly the situations that cause your social anxiety. Face the situation with your most trusted and reliable person if necessary, it will break your old false beliefs. 
Thirdly, whenever you get the time, imagine and visualize that you are facing your social anxiety directly and doing it more firmly, facing it well, people complimenting you, welcoming you. At first, it will be uncomfortable to think about it but after a while, it will form a pattern in your subconscious mind. Gradually you will gain a lot of confidence and easily get rid of this social anxiety disorder quickly.


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