March 20, 2021

How can we cope with our problems or challenges?

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'challenge' is a word that stimulates us to overcome it

What we usually call a problem is a slightly different name  that is ‘Challenge’. There are many reasons to say so. First of all, it has become programming in our (subconscious) mind to say over and over again that it is a encumber on us. Calling it a little different will reduce that burden a lot. The problem is a worm in our mind that devour us from the inside out. And challenge means to us whom we can face, whom we can  be no
In. So first of all I would say change using the word from today, use ‘CHALLENGE’ instead of problem. 
The problem for us is an enemy of our own making from which we either want to run away or we surrender. But incase of challenge ,we except it. That is, ‘challenge’ is a word that stimulates us to overcome it. The power is developed within us to face it. The word ‘Problem’ instill fear in our minds, shrink our mind. When that becomes a challenge, enthusiasm comes from within. Using the word challenge makes you feel like a participant in a competitive situation. 
        If you take this problem as a challenge you will see that you have resisted and your so-called problem has run away in fear of you. Did you know that we have all the resources we need? So use your unlimited power of mind .You must find the solution.
        How complex a challenge becomes to you depends entirely on how you respond to it and what you give meaning to it.
Find out your real challenge first, it may be your love , financial, health, relationship whatever it is. Keep writing on a white piece of paper in the same way as I drew the picture. Write your challenge in the middle of the circle and find the solution one by one and write them as per sequence. When you start writing, you will see that the big circle is filled with the solutions. Get started with what you can do quickly and prepare yourself for the rest. 
Write your challenge in the middle of the circle
    You should consult your teachers, gurus or gurudev whom you believe, discuss the whole matter openly with him or her.  It may be that the problem you have been trying to solve for months will be solved in a few minutes. Of course, in this case, the person you choose should be very kind and responsible to you. You should have good rapport with him or her also.

take a step backwards and observe very carefully

When you are in a challenge take a step backwards and observe very carefully as an observer. Try to find out ‘what is important to you’ and why? Repeat this question yourself again and again. Your inner voice will give answer soon ,act accordingly. When a person is looking for a solution from us to any of his challenges, we can easily find a solution. When similar problems arise in our own case we do not find solutions to them. Why? Because we’re associated with those challenges. Imagine you are transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl and see another you with the problem, then suggest to  your problematic version. You will see how easily you have found the solution. Imagine that you are advising your best friend. Try to get into the problem and observe it well , find out where its source is or its root cause. It will not sheer of you until you have uprooted it.
           Never try to run away from the problem, deal with it face to face. Suppose you are unable to repay a loan to someone. You can meet him directly or talk to him. He may be angry with you at first but he will understand if you explain your problem. Yes, you must have 100 percent honesty. You must know that ‘there is no problem in the world that cannot be solved’. Remember, take advice from other person but don’t go for asking help. Only when your inner strength is awakened you will be able to solve any external problem. If you want to get help from others, they will weaken you and try to take advantage of your weakness.


Santanu Ghosh

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