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Seven words is enough to break a seven years’ LOVE ” (Santanu)

It doesn’t take a hammer to break a relationship, a few words are enough. Relationship is the most sensitive issue in our life but we have no more sense about it. We are very worried about our relationship in daily life. Mortality rate for relationship tensions are higher than deaths from any perticular disease. In addition, many people die emotionally, many people become mentally unbalanced and  children lose the peace and pace of life. And there are always deaths or other mishaps due to abdication in love. Many families are falling apart due to bad relationships, the work environment in the office-court is being ruined, many businesses are going to downfall. I’m not just talking about one or two types of relationships.  All kinds of relationships, such as husband-wife, parents, children, teacher-student relations,  colleague, Love relationship.
All of us are very aware that Positive relationships increase people’s energy, improve their performance. The positive vibration of a good relationship makes our world beautiful and makes a life of disease free,  increase the overall efficiency. 
Let’s take a look before the reasons for breaking up our relationship, then we will find the ways to build  good relationships.
The FIRST reason is that every person seeks something new in his life. SECOND is breaking trust. THIRD is, Catching the person making mistake and reprimanding or punishing him for it, and the FOURTH is Ignorance. 
We, most of the people love kids.  But think about it, do we deal-in with those kids properly? We constantly hinder the kids from doing what they want to do and we don’t give them anything unless they are very persistent. We look at a child only when he is mischievous. When they do something good or play on their own, we ignore them. It is our nature to draw attention of others, so children are constantly mischievous in order to draw attention.Then we get annoyed and scold them.  The home environment is perished. It breaks the child’s mind and wound the relationship.
When a man or woman returns home after work, he or she seeks relaxation, albeit a little physically or mentally. As soon as the man returns home, generally most of the families start complaining about the lack of things, complaining about the children. In this the person’s anger reaches to its climax and  as a result of this happening again and again,  rift forms in relationship.
Most of the time we keep ourselves busy to find the scars of others. In this affair, we do not see anything good. This type of behavior is more detrimental to any relationship.
Any love relationship or newly married life will look sweet at the beginning. In fact, in early stage of any  relationship there is newness, wanting to get to know each other, giving roses or gifts on a special day , careing for each other,  careing for emotions. They talk to each other openly or listen to each other with carefully. Gradually, these little things begin to disappear. Far from giving gifts or roses, we don’t give even time to each other. Gradually the interest decreases, acerbity grows to each other , emotions fade away and trust disappeared. Eventually the relationship broke down. According to human nature, in search of something new, they get involved in illicit relationships.
Now let’s see how we can make our relationship stronger and smoother.
make relationship stronger and smoother

Build Trust: Trust and friendship are the foundation of a relationship. So first of all make them so strong and beautiful that it does not become shaky under any circumstances. If someone doesn’t trust you and doesn’t like you, they may be loyal to you but will never accept you from the heart. And if no one accepts you from the heart, you can’t think of a relationship. If you can bring faith in the place of fear, the relationship will be intact. Trust can be built by spending lots of time together, discussing with open mind, helping each other selflessly.Take genuine interest to the people, not become a survent to them.

Catching People Doing Right : Remember that the more you pay attention to human behavior, the more repetitive it will be. So don’t give too much importance to the mischief of those who are related to you. Pay attention to what he is doing right or trying to do right. Give reward for doing positive. Reward make more sense. And it will encourage  to do better in future. Rewards , means anything, hugs, applause, compliments or any other material things, whatever it is, pay reward. Accentuate on the positive, not on any negative. If you can make those as habit, everyone will love you and the relationship will be strong. Be the master of your communication, be careful of your words , tonality of voice.
Give reward for doing positive

Reduce Expectations , Increase Acceptance: Never impose the burden of expectations on anyone, be it your children, office workers or your life partner. If you expect something from someone, if that expectation is not fulfilled then your anger and resentment towards him will increase. You may have thousands of expectations, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is there to meet them. If the relationship is positive, you will see that your expectations are automatically met. We never report ourselves for our mistakes. Learn to report yourself. Increase your acceptance, be responsible, if you value or love someone they will accept you today or tomorrow, be patient.


Santanu Ghosh

Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Relationship Counselor

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